James Soderholm took his PhD in English Literature from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Dr. Soderholm has published four books, including Platonic Occasions: Dialogues on Art, Literature and Culture (with Richard Begam, Stockholm University Press, 2015).

Dr Soderholm and Janeen Barker co-founded Langton Press, which has so far published three books, including two collections of students' essays (Recently Conceived: Essays from the Langton & Hideous Progeny: Bicentenary Essays on Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin's Frankenstein).
Cal Hewitt is a recent student of the Langton and the author of this website. Having led the LUCID experiment for two years, he is obsessed with beauty in the universe and the interconnectedness of scientific endeavour, language, and thought that his first dialogue explores. Since leaving school, he is reading Natural Sciences at Pembroke College, Cambridge.
Drishti Rai is an 18 year old with a passion for economics and academia. She plans to study the former at university, having completed A levels in maths, further maths, physics, and economics. She also runs a blog:
Moses May Hobbs is a Langton student intending to study the history of art and has a consuming love of philosophy and the arts. Enamoured with absurdist literature and surrealism, Mo’s Socratic contributions hail from his preoccupations with aesthetics, truth, and philosophical freedom.
Bruno Lindan is a part-time hypocrite with a penchant for most things less useful than chemistry; in particular, he is possessed by the charms of the worlds of mathematics and philosophy and wishes to continue pursuing his interest in the former into academia.
Melissa Orr studied A-levels in Philosophy, Fine Art, and Mathematics at the Langton. After completing a gap year of work experience and travelling she hopes to read Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at university.
Adam Nell-Millard is 18, and currently studying History, Philosophy, and Mathematics. He hopes to continue studying Philosophy in the future. He is particularly interested in topics relating to human nature and concerned with the human relationship to death and religious belief.
Rose Pettengell is a student at The Langton studying A-level Biology, Chemistry, and English Literature. She hopes to study Anatomy at university but also has a deep interest in English literature and history. She believes that Webster's Bosola is far more darkly interesting than Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Lily Begg is a student of French and Italian who spends a lot of her time wondering whether the world is a good place or a bad place. She spends the rest of her free time doing things like growing plants and smashing the patriarchy.
Daniel Appiah is an old Langtonian currently reading History and Politics at the University of Exeter. Dan's contemplation of speech acts and the philosophy of language yields no consolation, but the free and frank exchange of ideas is consolation enough. He continues to strive to achieve a Stoic ideal, and knows he will not.
Thomas Newton is a passionate physicist -- following in the footsteps of fellow dialogue author, Cal Hewitt, with regards to command of the LUCID project -- who has a persistent interest in the theatrical arts. A desire to bridge the culture gap between the arts and sciences inspired his approach to his dialogue and is something he hope to preserve when pursuing physics studies at university.
Kyle Blaus-Plissner enjoys wordplay in all forms, spoken or written. A student of The Great Silence, he resides in Colorado, United States, where he often veers off of the established trails of mountains and conversations.
M.E. Rolle is a PhD candidate in Creative Writing at the University of Surrey. When she isn't staring hopelessly at a computer screen, she takes the train into London and wanders the city, taking photos.